Academic Services

Academic Services offers materials, certification and credentialing for career and technical education programs that focus on the home building industry. Certification is for those using the Residential Construction Academy in the classroom. Additionally, students gain valuable insight into residential construction careers through HBI's career resources Web site.

Instructor Certification:
HBI offers certification to career and technical education instructors who want to certify that their teaching/training methodologies and knowledge competencies are in line with the National Construction Skills Standards for the home building industry.

Student Certification:
HBI offers students the opportunity to certify that they have the skills required of an entry level employee in the home building industry in any of the trades taught through HBI’s Residential Academy Series of textbooks and instructional materials.

NAHB/HBI Program Credentialing:
Programs that use the Residential Construction Academy Series of textbooks and instructional materials can be credentialed by HBI provided that the program instructor and students are participating in the HBI certification process.

Building Careers:
HBI Career Services helps elementary, middle school, high school and post-secondary students become excited and knowledgeable about the residential construction industry and the myriad of career opportunities it offers.


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