In The Classroom

Classroom instruction both introduces and reinforces the skills students need for hands-on/job site experience, including instruction in:

  • Safety and First Aid
  • Construction Math
  • Tools and Construction Materials
  • Green building
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Vocabulary and terminology

Classroom based training stations are a uniquely valuable and motivating tool for students to hone their skills as they gradually gain confidence in their abilities.

What Jobsite Experience is Available and Why is it Important to the Student's Success?

Every instructor must provide an opportunity to students to participate in a project/rehab of an existing building, new construction and/or a community service experience.

This hands-on approach is integral to HBI's PACT success. It is particularly engaging as it gives the students the opportunity to gain knowledge in a manner that addresses their respective learning styles.

This "hard-skill" training:

  • Increases the likelihood students will complete their instruction
  • Helps students gain the construction skills needed to build a career
  • Allows students to learn what it takes to obtain and retain a job

HBI has found that this hands-on approach has the additional benefits of increasing the student's self-esteem and responds to the need for immediate gratification.

HBI PACT has successfully merged residential construction theory and practice.
It is exposing students to a wide array of industry trades.
It is Building Careers.
It is Changing Lives.

PACT Training Process

The PACT program has its roots in the timeless tradition of learning through apprenticeship, but ensures that the curriculum and job training components keep pace with all industry developments and requirements.

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PACT Employers & Partnerships

Through the work of staff and graduates, HBI Job Corps has built relationships with corporations, home builder associations, small businesses and more.

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