HBI Safety & Health Board

HBI values workplace safety and the health and wellness of employees and students. The HBI Safety & Health Board promotes a safe work environment through annual events, activities, reporting and safety resources. 

Safety is the foundation of all HBI training, and all HBI programs use the HBI Safety & Health Handbook and the Institute Safety Talks. In fact, HBI has had a decrease in worker’s compensation reportable claims, a reduction in insurance premiums and a decrease in lost work time since it established these resources.

HBI Safety & Health Handbook

Although specific to HBI, the HBI Safety & Health Handbook can be used as a guide to create a successful safety and health program for any construction-related organization. It contains policies, procedures, programs and forms about personal protective equipment, basic tool and equipment use, job hazard analysis, lock out/tag out and more.

$99.99 per copy

Safety Talks

Designed to facilitate construction safety meetings, each volume of this resource contains 26 removable “talks”— one for every week of the year. The inserts also can be used individually as quick references on the job site. A CD containing a quiz and answer key for each “talk” accompanies the set. 

$49.95 per volume or $95.00 for the set

For more information or to purchase HBI safety publications, contact the HBI Safety & Health Board at 800-795-7955 x8943.


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