Schools to Skills

Schools to Skills Program:

HBI recently expanded our trades training programs into secondary schools across the country with the support of The Home Depot Foundation and the National Housing Endowment.

Grant funding applications and awards are made available annually to eligible applicants.

The two-year program, offered to accepted students at no cost, provides pre-apprenticeship certification training (PACT) curriculum and certifications to middle school and high school students in 48 schools across 15 states. The program is one of only three national curricula recognized and approved by the U.S. Department of Labor and many state departments of education.

HBI’s Schools to Skills program draws on our Five Steps of Service model, which focuses on successfully connecting, assessing, training, certifying, and placing individuals in high-growth construction career pathways. PACT is also aligned with the STEM educational model – a curriculum based on discipline areas increasingly prominent in the modern workforce, including science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The program strengthens connections to local industry through our affiliation and partnership with the National Association of Home Builders and its 700 local and state associations.